There may be instances when Annapolis house owners will need to shut off their hot water heater speedily, and it is very important that ones is aware of the suitable steps to do so. Haynes Plumbing is here to be your 24 hr Plumbing Annapolis company to turn to as needed.

24 Hour Plumber Annapolis – Emergency Water Heater Shut Off

1. First switch off the Electricity or Gas

Gas – The thermostat dial ought to be turned from the “on” to the “off” placement. This will shut off the gas at the water heater. If the odor of gas is ever discovered, get out of the residence and call the local gas company immediately.

Electric – Find where the breaker box location and shut off the breaker for the water heater. One may have a disconnect switch close to the water heater. Utilize this to shut off the switch to switch off power to the water heater.

2. Turn Off the Water Supply24 hr Plumbing Annapolis

Discover the cold water pipe attached to the water heater and trace it back to the source or the wall. If it is an old style turn faucet handle, turn it clockwise until it stops. This ought to shut off the water.
If you have a more recent lever style ball valve pull or push the handle a quarter turn. This should shut off the water.

3. Open the Pressure Relief Valve

This is also occasionally named the T&P valve. Opening this will relieve the pressure in the water storage tank. A little water may come out of this whenever it is opened which is often hot so be careful! Lift up the handle so it is sticking straight out or up.

4. Drain the Water Heater

It may be necessary for the water heater to be drained of its water (this is optional). First, a garden hose is required to be hooked up to the drain valve positioned towards the bottom of the water heater. Run the hose outside the house. Always remember that the water coming out of the hot water heater may have rust in it that could trigger harm to lawn and plants, and will be hot. Inside the home, open the hot side faucet in the sink closest to the water heater. This will release the vacuum seal and let the water drain from the water heater better. It is going to take anywhere from 10-30 minutes for the water heater to drain.

These are important plumbing emergency measures that we hope you will remember if having to cope with an Annapolis water heater emergency repair.

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