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Annapolis MD homeowner tips on sewer and drain maintenance and prevention.

Understanding Sewer Cleaning Tools

Sewer cleaning can be a major job which can be considerably heavier duty rather than a quick drain cleaning. There happen to be a lot of drain troubles like clogs and backups that could conveniently and speedily be resolved by the property owner. However, because of the, oftentimes, hazardous waste material moving through sewer lines and the amount of sticky substances, the equipment used to clean and unclog sewer pipes should be managed by a specialist. Having said that, we think it’s necessary for property owners to understand what’s going on with any sort of Annapolis Plumber Service, particularly with a sewer line clog in addition to what equipment is being utilized. In this article, we have outlined the main tools which are used to unblock pipes and clean them out.

Types of Sewer Cleaning ToolsSewer Jetter Annapolis

Anytime one of our plumbing pros arrive at a home in order to clean or unclog a sewer line, the utility van will be loaded with these kinds of items. There’ll be, obviously, numerous additional tools also. However, these are the primary tools put to use to clean and unclog sewer lines.

power generator
cable and winch
video monitor and computer
special camera
a sewer jetter
specialized sewer snake

What is the Technological Gear For?

It may be weird for a plumber to come to one’s property geared up with a video display, computer system, plus a special camera. However, these tools will be crucial for understanding just what exactly is going on in one’s pipe without damaging the property. The unique camera is an illuminated state-of-the-art micro lens which is attached to an extended cord. The cable is placed into the piping and the plumber will be able to view what’s creating the clog inside the pipe. Inserting this type of camera into the line may also allow the plumber to search for breaks and leaking in the piping.

What is a Sewer Jetter?

This special piece of plumbing gear is similar, in nature, to a pressure washer. The sewer jetter is likewise identified as a water jetter or hydro jetter and could be used both residentially and commercially, by an experienced plumbing professional. Sewer jetters are widely-used often for cleaning simply by blasting pressurized water into the pipes to loosen grease, dirt, as well as other sticky substances which may have clung to the pipe walls. However, sewer jetters may also be applied to loosen small blockages.

What’s a Specialized Sewer Snake?Sewer Snake Annapolis

Pro sewer snakes are different from standard drain snakes, mostly because of size. They are a great deal larger as well as tougher and many have claws or teeth. This allows them to bust through difficult blocks better. These snakes can be unsafe because of their size and really should only be handled by a specialist. Sewer snakes will be able to bust through the most challenging clogs, including tree roots, and so, when applied incorrectly, they may also break pipes.

Sewer pipes need to be checked out many times per year in order to avoid blockages and backups. There are lots of waste products that are flowing through sewer lines and it is very easy for pricey Emergency Annapolis Sewer Cleaning issues to arise, if perhaps they are not correctly kept. Even though it is necessary for people to be aware of exactly what should and should not get tossed into drains and observe tips pertaining to drain cleaning and preventative care, sewer cleaning and maintenance must only be conducted by a plumbing expert. Email us today for any sewer cleaning needs.

24 Hour Water Heater Help

There may be instances when Annapolis house owners will need to shut off their hot water heater speedily, and it is very important that ones is aware of the suitable steps to do so. Haynes Plumbing is here to be your 24 hr Plumbing Annapolis company to turn to as needed.

24 Hour Plumber Annapolis – Emergency Water Heater Shut Off

1. First switch off the Electricity or Gas

Gas – The thermostat dial ought to be turned from the “on” to the “off” placement. This will shut off the gas at the water heater. If the odor of gas is ever discovered, get out of the residence and call the local gas company immediately.

Electric – Find where the breaker box location and shut off the breaker for the water heater. One may have a disconnect switch close to the water heater. Utilize this to shut off the switch to switch off power to the water heater.

2. Turn Off the Water Supply24 hr Plumbing Annapolis

Discover the cold water pipe attached to the water heater and trace it back to the source or the wall. If it is an old style turn faucet handle, turn it clockwise until it stops. This ought to shut off the water.
If you have a more recent lever style ball valve pull or push the handle a quarter turn. This should shut off the water.

3. Open the Pressure Relief Valve

This is also occasionally named the T&P valve. Opening this will relieve the pressure in the water storage tank. A little water may come out of this whenever it is opened which is often hot so be careful! Lift up the handle so it is sticking straight out or up.

4. Drain the Water Heater

It may be necessary for the water heater to be drained of its water (this is optional). First, a garden hose is required to be hooked up to the drain valve positioned towards the bottom of the water heater. Run the hose outside the house. Always remember that the water coming out of the hot water heater may have rust in it that could trigger harm to lawn and plants, and will be hot. Inside the home, open the hot side faucet in the sink closest to the water heater. This will release the vacuum seal and let the water drain from the water heater better. It is going to take anywhere from 10-30 minutes for the water heater to drain.

These are important plumbing emergency measures that we hope you will remember if having to cope with an Annapolis water heater emergency repair.

Check out our information on water heater troubleshooting and general emergency plumber services.

Water Heater Troubleshooting

Hot water heaters are one of a house’s hardest functioning appliances. Day or night, it’s churning out perfectly heated water whenever you would like it. When it unexpectedly is no longer working adequately, most of us often worry.

Thankfully a non-functioning water heater does not constantly mean a costly repair work. Prior to making an emergency call to Haynes Plumbing, we recommend inspecting the issue yourself first.

Annapolis Water Heater Repair Troubleshooting

Pilot Light CheckAnnapolis Water Heater Repair

For gas water heaters first eliminate the small panel which is located at the bottom of the unit and examine to notice if the pilot light is lit.
Check if will relight when it’s not ignited. If it remains lit, one should have the ability to listen that the water heater should start functioning correctly once again. The pilot light may well need cleaned or the thermocouple may require to be replaced when the pilot light will definitely not continue being lit.

Thermocouple Replacement

The name thermocouple might possibly sound like a really technical term, however it’s a part on ones water heater that can easily be replaced. Haynes Plumbing would suggest having us perform the replacement but the measures below are for informative purposes.

Check the owner’s manual. It needs to have suggestions for how to get rid of and change the thermocouple.
Switch off the gas prior to taking out anything at all from the water heater.
Using the instructions in your user’s handbook, remove the thermocouple by detaching it from both sides of the pilot light. The brand new thermocouple on the water heater ought to be cut to the correct length.
The gas may then be turned back on and test for leakages, then the pilot light can be lighted again.

Press the Water Heater Reset Button

For those with an electric water heater, discover the position of the reset button and press it until a click is noticed.
If a click is definitely not noticed, or it falls short to restart the water heater, reset the breaker.
If a breaker reset does not suffice, the thermostat will probably need changed.

Thermostat Replacement

Both the power to the water heater and the switch on the breaker will need to be turned off. Essential safety with electricity must be used!
Use the owner’s manual to find the thermostat wires, then detach them.
Following removing the thermostat we will evaluate to learn its problem. If it is defective, we will have to replace it.

Heating Element Replacement

While the pwer is still turned off, the access panel on the water heater can be removed.
The terminal screws can be loosened and the wires can be drawn away from the heating element.
We would next test each part of the element to see if they are damaged, and replace them as necessary.

These water heater troubleshooting tips should help get ones heater going once again. Haynes Plumbing is obviously here to help, and so don’t wait to call us today for any Water Heater Repair Annapolis help.